A Forewarning: The Tribe is Not for the Slack

ZFT Journey

“No, I didn’t find the holy grail of trading”

This is a warning for everybody who thinks of getting into the tribe is the answer to your losing trades.

I’m telling you this because it was exactly what I had in mind when I joined the Subasta. I pushed my way through because the money I’m paying for the Subasta is nothing compared to all my losses combined. Though I have recovered with some lucky trades, the stock market doesn’t always work that way.

Prior to the course, warnings were sent to us. The course is a 3-month long journey and will require us to purge ourselves from what we presently know. They said that we will be eating charts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I should tell you right now that that was not an exaggeration.

I ignored those warnings. Mainly because I know that when I put something in my head and want it so bad, I know that I will not lose.. Or, I am just stubborn.

With those warnings in mind, I had to take into consideration the things that will be happening in the next 3 months. It was nothing. I only have a job to keep, projects to submit..


Despite knowing all of these, I still pushed through the course. I paid, took my chances, and then the class started.

The next 3 months became the most stressful months of my life. Imagine getting up in the morning to monitor the stock market, go to work while keeping up with the charts, and dealing with the emotional swings caused by the price actions while discussing critical decisions for my wedding. And for the people who have been married, we all know how stressful these times are. I had to meet people, buy things, sign contracts, travel, do the wedding seminars in the morning, and attend the ZFT classes at night. I took a handful of Red Bulls. I will park on the side road just to get a couple of minutes of sleep just so I can attend the classes. To keep it all short, I was struggling keeping up with the class. As a result, I suffered losses, lost discipline, and clouded my judgment while my classmates are already seeing the results of their hardships.

But I didn’t let those stop me. After the wedding, I started to pour in more efforts into the class. I tried to be more proactive during the discussions, and read back the lessons after. I traded what I know, and believed what I see in the charts. I still incurred some loss but my winning trades were the most memorable because of the simplicity of the system, and the mindset that was instilled in me.

Zee and Kap taught us the most valuable lesson, discipline. And contrary to what others believe for ZFTs, we don’t do group buying. Zee never recommended any stock for us to buy. Kap never told us that X is going to fall today. Believe it or not, there is none of that sort. During these 3 months, I have learned to fish for myself. I have learned to stay alive on my own.  Though I am still around -5% from my starting port way back May, I am starting to recover them now. It is because I am now more disciplined more than ever.

Take caution if you’re still planning to take the road that I took. It will require sweat, blood and a million percent of your attention if you really want to be good at this.

“And no, I really didn’t find the holy grail of trading”, because there is none. But this is the closest thing to it.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Props to the Bushidos for the camaraderie, as well to Akio, Satele ,Yoda, IMG, and Boss Fibo for the guidance, and food that I didn’t pay because you all did.


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