Everything that happens from your action is nobody’s fault but your own.

ZFT Journey

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We’ve all had bad trades. Whether you’re a fundamentalist, a tech analysts, or somewhere in between, we’ve all had it. Today, I’m going to write something that is probably applicable, not just in trading, but with everything in life.

“One has to have the proper mindset.” 

Everybody has heard of it. We have told you about it. It is probably one of the most overused advice but one of the most overlooked as well. With that said, let me also tell you that Everything that happens from your action is nobody’s fault but your own.

Let me put this in perspective.


Scenario No. 1


Using words like “No Brainer” is a no-brainer for smart traders. Sorry not sorry.

You are browsing Facebook, and you came across Troll #1’s posts discreetly implying that stock X is a good buy. You read the whole post and quickly decided that it is a good buy. Or if you are a technician, you checked the chart and you bought it. On the next day, things went south and you’re all red and angry.

There are several things here that might have contributed to your reddish port. First is that Troll #1 might be looking at the equity on a longer time frame, while you on the other hand wants the quick buck in a few days. At this rate, he can tolerate the dips much better than your mindset. And with your losing trade, nobody has to get the blame except you. You can’t blame Troll # 1 because every action we take in the stock market is nobody’s decision but our own.


Scenario #2

I’m playing as Lee Sin, jungling all over the map. Unfortunately, Soraka is not healing the team really well and ends up harassing the other team. Or maybe another player is not stunning the other team’s carry in the correct opportunity. The team ends up struggling, and eventually losing the game.


In this scenario, blaming the rest of the team for the poor performance will not bring any kind of positive impact to the team. I can’t blame the healer for not healing the carry, and I can’t blame the other player for not stunning when it is needed.


So now what do we do to correct this?

In order to resolve these kind of conflicts, one has to identify, accept one’s shortcomings, and do something about it. If I accept that I made the wrong decision of following Troll #1, maybe next time I should study the trade even more before I click that buy button. I can also stop following the recommendations of Troll #1, or better yet, aspire to be technician myself. Go the extra mile necessary to improve the situation! Or if I accept that the healer is not playing as an effective healer, maybe I can go for a tankier build should I get to play with that player again.


What is my point?

Blaming someone else for your demise is never a good thing to do. I, for one, will not result to blaming my subordinates for a project gone dud.

Being able to identify others’ and your own shortcomings, accepting it, and acting on it is the best thing that you can do. Yes, everything that happens from your actions is your own fault. But accepting that failure and using it as a positive foundation is another story.

BraveFencer out.



Newb Guide: The “How To Be You” Series


Disclaimer: There is no reason why you want to be me. I am not a professional nor an expert of any kind. I am basically a good soul who wants to help people out.

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I started my journey in the Stock Market exactly a year ago today. It has been a wild ride, more like a roller coaster of emotions. I have done all sorts of mistakes. Mistakes that have brought me great gains to mind-wrecking losses, I’ve done it all. If there’s anything that I would like to impart to anybody who is reading this, it is that every trade you make should be taken as a positive experience, may it be a win or a loss trade.

I was an avid follower of most Facebook trading groups. This has been the trend nowadays. For that 1 year that I have been trading, I have seen groups grow from thousands to tens of thousands in few months time. My experience with those groups has been fruitful as it has molded me to the technician that I am today.

With this in mind, I am starting a series of blogs that should help most newbies go from a blind follower to a chart technician. I know this is not new. Many have attempted to draw a singular line to outline the things that a newbie should know. I will provide links from trusted individuals that I think should be helpful if you want to start and make the jump to being to a Technical Analyst.


First, I would like to encourage you to take courage and unfollow your Facebook groups. This has been a very important decision for me. Clicking that unfollow button felt like a leap of faith. If you are truly serious about taking the jump, this eventually has to be done. You don’t have to unfollow all as there will be people who are really dedicated in helping those who are in need. Unfollow them one-by-one at least, until you feel that you don’t need them at all. In stock market, one cannot survive with recommendations and lucky trades. Sustainability is the name of the game.


Second is that you need to learn the charts. Technicians rely solely in charts to gauge the market sentiment, unlike fundamentalists who base their  judgment according to how a certain equity is performing, business-wise.

Disclaimer #2: These are not mine nor will I claim any credits for it. I am basically going to provide you links to the people or website who have helped me the most throughout my journey.

  1. Have Access to Charts.
    • Investagram – Investagram has proven to be an effective tool for analysts who don’t have access to advanced charting tool like Amibroker or the Charting tools from a broker.
  2. Learn the Candles.
    • Basic Candlestick Analysis
    • Advanced Candlechart Reading – I would recommend that you save this link to be read later when you have understood the basics. This link from Zeefreak’s Blog should help you correlate one candlestick to another and help you analyze the market sentiment.

To be continued because I can’t be caught blogging while working… 🙂

Update #1: I am going to make this entry, a blog entry that will contain everything you need to know, a blog entry to rule them all. 

Credits go to Zeefreak and other personalities whom are truly dedicated in helping people out.

The Bath: Shut the Noise

Emotion Battle

If you have been following “Stranger Things”, you should now have an idea what I’m going to talk about.


In the series, El is a human “blessed”  with telepathic abilities. She can do things with her mind. She can move objects with it, and killing the baddies only requires her to focus on the thought. But mental as she is, El is still human. El can drown in an environment full of noise and unnecessary distractions.

In that one episode, El had to enter a sensory-deprivation tank in order to reach a farther target. Submerged in a tank filled with water, she attempted to reach previously impossible heights by suppressing her other senses.

*spoilers done*

So how does this relate to my trading experience?

I think that trading is simply a psy-war hidden beneath all the numbers and candles. After the course, armed with everything that my mind could remember, I’m still losing trades. I turned to my friends within the circle for advice.

“Don’t listen to what they’re saying. Shut them out. Believe in your bias and trade what you see. The only reason that they’re opinion is affecting your actions is because you don’t believe in yourself.”

I have heard it before. It has been said to me countless times, but it didn’t really catch up to up until now. He’s on point. I didn’t really believe myself. I didn’t believe in what I see only because I think that others are better and more experienced that I am, which is totally untrue.

Three tips for the budding traders who might be just as lost as I was.

  1. Noise can be that subscription you are presently subscribed to. Stop paying for useless tips. You cannot sustain this game with recommendations.
  2. Noise can be that group you visit everyday. Take courage to click that “Leave Group” button.
  3. Noise can be your friends who jokes about your decision why you traded that trade. Unfollow that misleading gnome.

Noise is anything apart from your own analysis.

Lesson learned?

“Believe in yourself. Focus on your own trades, as all the others are nothing but noise.”


TIFU: The 50% Whip




Apologies Zee. I have to admit. I panicked.

I bought $WEB last Tuesday at 4.25. I had my mind setup with a goal in mind. Never had I been more confident with a trade. Looking at the chart, I know what I am about to do. I know where it is going.And in case things go south, I know where to cut.

Then suddenly, news about the company started flooding in my feed. Discussions after discussions, the entire day just went by reading all of them. And as the news of the cancellation of its license to operate, my anxiety only got worse from there. And talk about adding fuel to the fire, their trading was frozen the next day. The agony of waiting. I was preparing myself for the worst, a 50% loss within a day. A loss that could wipe out all my previous gains and potentially damage my capital.

The next day, I have learned that the suspension will be lifted in a few minutes. I was shocked because I was trading other equities at that moment. I watched as $WEB opened for trading. It was at that moment when I saw an opportunity to sell my shares, and minimize my loss.

I hit the sell button.

A split second decision that was out of my plan, made for the sake of protecting my capital. A split second decision that destroyed my mental sanity for the entire trading day. And to make matters worse, the day ended with $WEB reaching for the stars. That bastard who bought my shares is probably laughing right now, enjoying his buffet in a lavish restaurant.

Take aways.

So where did I go wrong? I had always been a technician and have always approached a trade with the technicals in mind. With this trade, I let the fundamental side of things get the better of me. And when it got to me, the anxiety and fear consumed me to the point that it clouded my judgment and I explicitly disregarded the mindset of losing gracefully.

Lesson learned? Approach a trade with the technicals and always end it with the same technicals. Block out the noise, eliminate the emotion, and trade your convictions according to the system.

Again, apologies Zee. Expect that I’ll build my ground up from this, and be a better fencer next trades. 

-Brave Fencer Version 1

A Forewarning: The Tribe is Not for the Slack

ZFT Journey

“No, I didn’t find the holy grail of trading”

This is a warning for everybody who thinks of getting into the tribe is the answer to your losing trades.

I’m telling you this because it was exactly what I had in mind when I joined the Subasta. I pushed my way through because the money I’m paying for the Subasta is nothing compared to all my losses combined. Though I have recovered with some lucky trades, the stock market doesn’t always work that way.

Prior to the course, warnings were sent to us. The course is a 3-month long journey and will require us to purge ourselves from what we presently know. They said that we will be eating charts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I should tell you right now that that was not an exaggeration.

I ignored those warnings. Mainly because I know that when I put something in my head and want it so bad, I know that I will not lose.. Or, I am just stubborn.

With those warnings in mind, I had to take into consideration the things that will be happening in the next 3 months. It was nothing. I only have a job to keep, projects to submit..


Despite knowing all of these, I still pushed through the course. I paid, took my chances, and then the class started.

The next 3 months became the most stressful months of my life. Imagine getting up in the morning to monitor the stock market, go to work while keeping up with the charts, and dealing with the emotional swings caused by the price actions while discussing critical decisions for my wedding. And for the people who have been married, we all know how stressful these times are. I had to meet people, buy things, sign contracts, travel, do the wedding seminars in the morning, and attend the ZFT classes at night. I took a handful of Red Bulls. I will park on the side road just to get a couple of minutes of sleep just so I can attend the classes. To keep it all short, I was struggling keeping up with the class. As a result, I suffered losses, lost discipline, and clouded my judgment while my classmates are already seeing the results of their hardships.

But I didn’t let those stop me. After the wedding, I started to pour in more efforts into the class. I tried to be more proactive during the discussions, and read back the lessons after. I traded what I know, and believed what I see in the charts. I still incurred some loss but my winning trades were the most memorable because of the simplicity of the system, and the mindset that was instilled in me.

Zee and Kap taught us the most valuable lesson, discipline. And contrary to what others believe for ZFTs, we don’t do group buying. Zee never recommended any stock for us to buy. Kap never told us that X is going to fall today. Believe it or not, there is none of that sort. During these 3 months, I have learned to fish for myself. I have learned to stay alive on my own.  Though I am still around -5% from my starting port way back May, I am starting to recover them now. It is because I am now more disciplined more than ever.

Take caution if you’re still planning to take the road that I took. It will require sweat, blood and a million percent of your attention if you really want to be good at this.

“And no, I really didn’t find the holy grail of trading”, because there is none. But this is the closest thing to it.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Props to the Bushidos for the camaraderie, as well to Akio, Satele ,Yoda, IMG, and Boss Fibo for the guidance, and food that I didn’t pay because you all did.

Meeting the ZFTs


Today isn’t like any other day.

I classify myself as someone who enjoys the company of no one. I prefer spending the weekend in the comfort of my room, the whole day confined within the four corners, considering I still have Final Fantasy X to grind. 

I decided to meet up with fellow ZFTs.

Doha had been under siege of a day-long dust storm. Doha’s climate is usually dusty but today is a little different. We have clouds today. Clouds and dust usually ends up with sprinkles of rain to mark an end of season, and in this case, end of the winter season.

I managed to get out of bed. I had my fiancee drop me to Yeehwa Restaurant.  

Its 5:30pm and I arrived an hour early. As of this writing, I’m still waiting for them in Java U. 

I honestly don’t know what to feel right now. ZFTs are known to be immortal in the trading world and my skills are nowhere near theirs. But these people are humble as heck, so I’m not worried. 

Isiah and Yoda invited me to this dinner for no reason. I’m anxious, excited, worried and many other things. Am I ready to be a part of their community?

The Purging

ZFT Journey

Today is Day Negative 7. We were given a week to purge ourselves. Sounds easy.

Purging isn’t just about removing the noise from my Social Media Networks, it is also about committing my present loss and accepting it for what it is and how it went.  It is not an easy task. Especially when I had been in a position for weeks to earn what I lost in the last 3 days.

I started the day with 3 losing positions. ACR/DMPL/FNI. I closed DMPL for a 2% loss. I closed ACR for a 6% loss. I still have FNI at 1.04 who’s presently riding a 0.95 downward trend. I am waiting for a bounce back because the global Nickel is about to bounce. MA wise. Ichimoku wise. Fuck this.

See this is the kind of attitude that I need to get rid of. I have the tendency to deny what the chart shows me.

As of 0917H, FNI is continuously dropping down. I still didn’t close it. I am still bullish with the global nickel. Fuck me.

I have until Wednesday to close this up.

Update: I closed everything seconds after I hit the publish button. I am not a very consistent person. 😂